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What Is A Media Kit or Press Kit, And Why Is It Important For You and Your Business​​

Jelena Obradovic Markovic

By Jelena Marković Obradović

Do you want to raise your brand awareness and be one step ahead of your competitors? Do you need to promote a product or service professionally and drive sales? Is organizing promo material to target the audience a must for you? What are media kits and press kits, and which is the right one for you to achieve your business goals? 


We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about them. You’ll also see some of the most successful and best press kit/media kit examples in our portfolio.


Press Kits/Media Kits Definition

A media kit/press kit is a valuable resource and a powerful PR tool that can help you achieve these business goals. They are combinations of pictures and text, audio, and video content. Also, they contain all necessary information about you, your business, product, service, or event. 


Modern media kits or press kits are digital files (PDFs) used for your promotion that you can send via email, upload on your website with a download option, or even print. They can also be created as a media press kit responsive webpage.


An authentic and easily-accessible media kit is a necessity. Both large-scale business professionals and smaller personal brands and entrepreneurs need them. Media kits help potential advertisers choose you and your advertising service from the competition crowd.


You might find other names that refer to this term. Very often one of them is a Press Kit, Press Pack, or Newsroom. In the music industry, they are called EPK (Electronic Press Kit). In other businesses, you can find terms like Service guides, Price guides, Media guides, Promotional kits, and Promotional materials.


Also, today is prevalent usage of Social Media kits which are different from Media kits. You’ll often hear people misuse these terms. The social media kit includes a collection of branded visual content designed to help build a solid social media presence. But Influencers, Bloggers, and Podcasters use Media Kits, while Press Kits are popular among e.g. Musicians, Authors, and Actors.


However similar media and press kits may seem, there are some crucial differences between them, so we’ll look into that now.

Press Kit Vs. Media Kit

These two terms are often used interchangeably. You can find them under the same definition online. They might look similar, but their aims differ.


PRESS KIT is a set of information you provide for journalists to inform them about your product or service, company, or organization. Journalists use all these details to feature you in a news story. Most importantly, they don't have to contact your team for a last-minute information inquiry. It's all available to them in one place.


MEDIA KIT, on the other hand, is a set of materials that aid prospective advertisers in selecting your advertising service. It includes detailed information on the advertising type and the duration of the advertising campaign.

Press Kit
Media Kit

What Is A Press Kit

The design and the content of your press kit can vary. It depends on what you want to achieve, who you want to attract and work with. So let’s see who uses press kits and what goes into a press kit.


Every well-known brand is aware of the importance of PR. Firstly, press kits enable them to tell and have a command of their own story. They are essential for getting publicity easily and professionally.

Professions that use Press Kits include media personalities, actors, writers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations that promote an idea or a cause. There are also travel press kits that help travel companies, hotels, tourism boards, and destination marketing organizations promote a tourist destination and attract tourists and journalists. They emphasize the top attractions, accommodations, and places to eat.

What To Include In A Press Kit

A traditional press kit may contain some of the following fundamental elements:

    The front cover gives away just enough to draw the reader in and capture the story without revealing too much. Images can be a great way to connect readers with media/press kits on an emotional level. Along with the basic elements like logo, headline & slogan, professional photos are also crucial.

    The second section is always reserved for stories about you and your projects and areas of expertise. This is where you can talk about your experience, vision, expertise, empowerment, events, workshops, keynote presentations, and speaking engagements.

    Showcase who has covered stories about you and your work and ideas - tv or radio shows, podcasts, or newspaper/magazine interviews. This page can include their brand logos.

    This is an essential page for your target audience because it demonstrates your ability to drive customer traffic.

    This page lists past collaborations, which can show your success in that field and subtly invite all other parties to work with you. Logos usually follow this.

    This is the page where you will list what you offer and how your skills can help someone's business.

    What People are saying about you

    Important info about your booking

    The last page of the Press kit provides Contact information and Social network links. Here you invite the business avatar to contact you and do business with you.

  10. VISUAL ASSETS (Downloadables)
    You should include the most prominent details of your visual brand here.

Public Figure Press Kit

Whether you’re an entertainer, movie star, or broadcaster, you’ll want to spread the word about your cause, workshop, or promote your book.


If you want to get in the press and attract readers to your compelling story, a professionally crafted press kit will help you achieve your goal. A public figure press kit contains all the necessary info to appeal to journalists who’ll promote your cause.


That info includes a bio/brand story that highlights your expertise, experience, and your uniqueness. Then, you can spice it up with some stats and media coverage. Finally, you’ll need social media handles and contact info.


Most importantly, having a press kit saves you precious time. It’s a one-stop shop for journalists that provides everything they need to know to write about you. What’s more, they won’t have to contact you for additional info.

Flaunt your past or upcoming projects and share your compelling story with your audience and the media through enticing visuals

Author Press Kit

After numerous obstacles, maybe even rejections, your dedication paid off, and your book has been published. Now it’s time to promote it. What’s the most efficient, time-saving, and easiest way to achieve that?

A customized author press kit is the answer. An author press kit includes your bio - a unique background story. Then, it should shed light on your book synopsis.


You’ve received an award for your writing? Don’t forget to mention it! Moreover, you can tell about your greatest influences and mentors.


A professional author press kit can contain info about your audience and social media numbers, as well as media coverage - notable interviews, podcasts, reviews, and articles. If there are upcoming or past speaking events where your audience can learn about you, this is the place to highlight them.


Finally, a high-resolution headshot that captures your essence is a must. Your press kit should end with your contact info and social media handles for further inquiries.

Land bookings for public speaking gigs and stand out as an expert sought-after speaker

Speaker PRESS Kit

A superb speaker media kit can help you land bookings from event organizers. Whether you want to get on podcasts and shows and promote your workshops, let’s see how you can use a media kit to your advantage.


Speaker media kits should emphasize your areas of expertise and experience through striking visuals (a high-quality headshot is a must) and a compelling bio. You should also highlight the speaking topics to stand out.

If you already have testimonials from past clients or video clips of your previous speaking gigs - even better! Including them in your media kit will set you apart from your competition. Finally, contact info is a must, along with social media links for event organizers to reach you.

Land bookings for public speaking gigs and stand out as an expert sought-after speaker

Film Press Kit

Do you want to spread the word about your recent cinematic masterpiece? Then you need a film press kit. 


A film press kit is a collection of materials put together by the director, producer, publicist, or actor. You can send it to the media to promote, inform, and showcase your movie. It can also be used to gather ideas for stories, interviews, and promo materials at film festivals.


It typically includes the film synopsis, followed up by crew bios and a fact sheet about the film. To make it pop, quotes, statements, and reviews are a must. Got some newsworthy awards? This is a place for them.


All this info must be backed up by appropriate visuals - photos, behind-the-scenes, videos so that you’re sure it conveys the right message. Don’t forget the contact info/social media links for further questions and interviews!

Flaunt your past or upcoming projects and share your compelling story with your audience and the media through enticing visuals

Music Electronic Press Kit 

Bands, musicians, and radio stations that want to grab the attention of talent buyers, and elevate their careers should consider having a music press kit.


EPK can help you reach booking agents, managers, journalists, and venues effortlessly. Therefore, they are the best way to leave a fabulous first impression.


A music press kit must showcase your uniqueness and highlights of your career. It should comprise your bio, noteworthy moments, releases (album, singles), and past and upcoming events (festivals, concerts, gigs).


It should also showcase your official music videos, media appearances, and professional photos. Finally, booking info is necessary, along with social media handles.

Get on the charts with your latest hit album/single, connect with fans and media outlets, and promote your upcoming tour

Event Press Kit

If you want to create a media buzz around your event, then a customized event press kit is for you. The right combination of text and visuals will highlight your organizational skills and professionalism.


An event press kit contains details about the event (schedule, activities, speakers, any special features), media contact information (name, title, email, phone number of the contact person/people), social media handles, and/or hashtags.


Lastly, you need info about logistics and/or media accreditation that media members should know to cover the event.

Create a media buzz around your recent event and boast your organizational skills and professionalism

Sports Press Kit

Whether you’re already a well-known professional or a college athlete paving your way in professional sports, it is a tough job to stand out and make an impression. A sports press kit is the most convenient way to inspire your audience and get in the press with stories about you and your achievements. 


Having a sports press kit is both money and time-saving way to appeal to media outlets or secure scholarships.


Athletes, clubs, and coaches grab the media attention, attract new fans and motivate the old ones with customized press kits. This promotional material includes unique personal bios and stories.

Stats can highlight achievements and show why you’re the best and newsworthy. Moreover, you should provide contact info and social media handles for additional questions and interviews. Superb visuals will help you convey a clear message and catch the right eye.

Inspire and motivate your audience, and attract new fans by using your unique personal story and achievements

What Is A Media Kit

A business media kit is a collection of materials (visuals and text) that helps potential advertisers choose your services over your competition. It also helps sell your products. 


Business media kits are a necessity for both large enterprises and small business owners. They help build brands, spread awareness, and secure collaborations with your target audience.

What To Include In A Business Media Kit

Depending on what you want to achieve and who your target audience is, your media kit can include:


    The front cover is the first place to connect with your audience. It should contain an outstanding visual (logo, photo), a slogan, and a title. This is where you will intrigue them to continue reading and consider you, so don’t waste this precious space.


    Introduce yourself and your business here. Showcase your mission, vision, and experience, and prove why you are the best.


    This is the place to highlight your expertise. State which problems you solve and how. It should be concise and clear, with no need for further clarification.


    Your effectiveness should be supported by facts and numbers. Use graphs to show how you drive traffic and whom you’ve helped.


    What’s a better way to advertise your business than the recommendations by satisfied customers? This social proof page highlights the benefits of working with you.


    This page shows what you offer, how, and under which terms.


    Have you appeared in the press or participated in a show/podcast? This is the place to share articles, links, and videos to stories others made about you/your business.


    The last page should include your email, social media handles, or other ways potential partners can use to contact you for collaboration. 

Sponsorship Media Kit

If you want to get financing and make your compelling vision a reality, a sponsorship media kit might be just what you need.


Whether you’re an NGO, StartUp, event organizer, or any other business seeking funding, you must highlight your deep understanding of the target audience. That helps you craft a compelling case for sponsors that share your vision and values.


A professional sponsorship media kit should contain a brief business overview, a mission statement, and sponsorship levels and benefits. You want to be clear and concise here and tell sponsors what they will receive.


Top-quality photos are a necessity and will help you achieve your goal along with testimonials from past sponsors and their logos. Your sponsorship media kit should end with your contact details (email, website, phone numbers) and social media links.


If you are e.g. a producer or member of a production team, a customized film media kit can help you reach potential partners and attract industry professionals.


A film media kit showcases your vision and potential for success, guiding you toward your goal of obtaining film sponsorship.

To get sponsorship your film media kit should have elements like the synopsis of the film, cast and production team bios, production details (shooting schedule and locations), high-quality visual materials, but also a marketing plan (target audience, marketing channels, promotional activities), and sponsorship options.

Ensure funding and partnerships to make your compelling vision a reality

Influencer Media Kit

Media kits are popular among:


  • Health and Fitness - regularly share workout routines, healthy recipes, wellness advice

  • Fashion - the latest trends and outfit combinations are predominant on these profiles, want to secure brand collaborations

  • Podcasters - engage the audience in discussions about specific topics

  • Beauty - the audience trusts their choice and reviews of skincare and makeup products and is eager to follow their beauty routines

  • Bloggers - build a community in their niche and share and express thoughts and perspectives with their readers

  • YouTubers - produce various types of video content - lifestyle, how-to, educational

  • TikTokers - the master of the short-video format on diverse topics

  • Travellers - share travelling and adventure stories, write reviews and recommendations and inspire the audience to explore new places.


Influencers prefer social media kits to promote their businesses and advertising services to their target audiences.


Influencer media kits often include captivating bios, mission, and vision statements to showcase your unique voice. You should also show off your social media numbers - reach, engagement and demographics to prove your ability to charm and engage large target audiences. Show how your profiles and influence have grown.


One of the world’s most famous female fitness influencers, Cassey Ho, uses a media kit to raise her brand awareness. So why wouldn’t you want one? Check out her influencer media kit here.

Land deals with desired brands by showcasing your unique voice and the ability to charm and engage large target audiences

Product Media Kit

Product media kits are mainly popular for:

  • Kickstarter projects

  • Shoes & Clothes

  • Jewellery

  • Food & Drinks

  • Furniture


Depending on the nature of your product and what you want to accomplish, a product media kit may include your business bio and a product description. They must resonate with your audience and solves their problems. These can be followed by relevant statistics, rave customer reviews, as seen in the press, and possible collaborations. In the end, your product media kit needs your contact info and social media handles.

Boost sales by showing why your product stands out from the competition

Services Media Kit

If your company or business offers a service, you must consider having a media kit. Your services media kit should showcase what you do, which problem you solve, and how you do that.


Your statistics and satisfied clients’ testimonials will make you stand out. Moreover, services media kits can include advertising rates, advertising placements, and guidelines. They should end with your contact info and social media links.


Media kits of famous personas or brands
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